Our Supporters

Cherry Visionaries

2017-18 Donors of $5,000+ over

Gerhard and Ruth Cless Family Foundation
The Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation

Cathy Tschannen and Bill Banzhaf
Jim Bernstein
Ellie Sato and David Bowen
Julia and Mark Casady and the One Step Forward Education Foundation
Henry F. Chaddick and Elaine Chaddick Foundation, Inc.
Community Works of the Evanston Community Foundation
Sara and BJ Cotter
The Finnegan Family Foundation
Melinda and Adam Prawer-Stock
Sheau-ming and Ian Ross
Mr. Lewis and Ms. Sebring
Barbara Goodman and Seth Weinberger
Jennifer and Stephen Zehr

Cherry Champions

2016-17 Donors of $2,000-4,999

Arica and Matthew Barton
Thomas J. Block and Sharon S. Block Charitable Endowment Fund
Rhonda Wodlinger Cohen and Dick Cohen
Edward and Rose Donnell Foundation
Elevate Energy (In Kind Goods and Services)
Caryn Weiner and Howard Ellman
First Bank and Trust
Katie and Lynn Hammond
Virginia and Geoffrey Harlow
Suzanne and Dan Kanter
Laurie and Fred Levy
Susan Wishnick and Allen Steinberg

2017-18 Donors of $1,000-1,999

Joyce Chang Anderson and Chris Anderson
Patty and Mark Barbato
Deborah and Carlos Boileve
Kathy Lyons and Bill Chafetz
Tom and Jean Choate
Kristin and Marty Cless
Larry DeMar
Anne and Larry Donoghue
Julie and Hank Doyle
Barbara Goodman and Seth Weinberger
Elena Gonzales and Simon Goldbroch
Karen and Jay Goodgold
Eileen and Bill Halperin
Margaret Hessler and Kevin Rielley
The Home Depot of Evanston (In Kind Goods and Services)
Jessica and Peter Isaac
Cheryl and Mark Kaplan
Jill and Andrew Kidd
Rachael and Edward Matthews
The New Prospect Foundation (Lehman and Levisay families)
Ellen Claire Newcomer
The North End Mothers’ Club
Kathryn Reid and Steve Norton
Ami and Prasad Ravi
Marianne Reinisch
Constantino and Patricia Salios
Meg and Rick Slayton
Enrique and Irene Sosa
Casey and George Varela

Cherry Cheerleaders

2016-17 Donors of $500-999

Theresa White and Matthew Bedella
Daniel Benson
Annie Sutula and Kyle Blomquist
Karin Ruetzel and Tony Burt
Katherine and Gregory Byrnes
Cheryl Rohlfs and Associates, Ltd.
Amy and Shane Colton
Shalee and Blake Cunneen
Elaine and Michael Darer
Marissa and Timothy Elliott
Lilian and Carl Emery
Jean and Andy Fies
Evan and Carl Finamore
Carol and Ed Finnegan
Sarah and Chris Greene
Ann and John Herder
Pam and Fred Hess
Emilie and William Hogan
Elizabeth Feiertag and Seth Kaplan
Carol and Randy Long
Alix and Tarsis Lopez
Pat Maunsell and David Campbell
Cara Gaziano and Stu McDermott
Jolie Petrine and Todd Noffke
Tara and Brian Norris
Susan and Steve Olson
Elizabeth and Joseph Paradi
Moira Harding and Raymond Parmer
Shellee and Steven Reinisch
Holly and Martin René
Liz Barton and Justin Rode
Jane and Tony Rothschild
Jen Peltz and Chris Schaaf
Yoko and Jeremy Schirer
Ellen and Allen Sternweiler
Amanda and Koji Torihara
Alice Tybout and Brian Sternhal
Elizabeth Mages and Chris Van den Berg
Shirlene Ward and Kevin Kipp
Weinberg, Barton and Company, Inc.
Jennifer Wheeler Wood and Rich Wood
Kathryn and Jeff Yorg

2016-17 Donors of $250-499

Karla and Mark Ahern
Alex Barton
Claire Monty and Daniel Benson
Robin and Aaron Brown
Nigora and Mark Caffray
Maria Alevras-Chen and Xin Chen
Chipolte Mexican Grill
Emily and Robert Clarke
Sylvia Cofer
Cooked Chicago
Margaret and Michael Culhane
Beatriz and Paul Douma
Julie and Henry Doyle
Simone Ispa-Landa and Alexei Elinson
Lynn and Brent Fiedler
Foster Dance Studios
Fostering Movement Inc.
Ren and Seth Freeman (In Kind Goods and Services)
Mary Jo and Jason Green
Carol Greene
Nicole and Andy Haleen
Laurie and Eric Henschel
Cathy and Nitin Jain
Lise and Tomohisa Jinno
Meagan and Matt Lassman
Katie Choate and Michael LaVolpe
LEEP Forward Inc.
Amy and Kevin Lichterman
Elisabeth and Rebecca Lindsay-Ryan
Steve and Sandy Locher
Heidi and Ned Lott
Mason Intervention
Margaret and Bob McCamant
Alexis Morrill
Nature’s Perspective Landscaping, Inc.
Jessica and Matt Nels
Emily and Robert Clarke
Karen O’Leary
Beth and Ted Perez
Carley and Art Pernokas
Gina and Mike Prokopeak
Kerry and Bill Reeg
Lisa Sawczuk
Danielle and Howard Scharf
Janice Liten and Michael Schnur
Katie and Mark Smith
Martha Christensen and Neal Smyth
Temperence Beer Company
Devon Lamb and Phil Thrush
Jessica and Andy Trenkle
Nancy and Bill Wagner
Susan Warner, M.D., and Ann Ballard
Wee Speech P.C.
Jessica and Jason Wicha
Julia and Conrad Winkler
Mike Wolff
Rachel Karpanty-Yantis and Mike Yantis

2016-17 Donors up to $100-249

Amazon Smile Foundation
Ursula Arsenault and Bob Adams
Sandra and Dave Anderson
Michael F. Baccash
Allie and Britt Baugher
Terry Beem
Kia and James Beickert
Sue Berger
Jacqueline Bermak and James Phipps
Dori Fujii and Otis Berry
Holly and Ed Brady
Tracy Quattrocki and Neal Brady
Betsy Burrell and Eric Weitz
Pamela and Peter Butterfield
Antoinette Farley and Ernest Byrom
Keisha and Oliver Champagne
Yulia Borisova and Daniiel Cherkasky
Alissa and Jin-Ho Chung
Danielle Cohen and Daniel Broaddus
Hedy Cohen
Steven Cohen and Michael Godnick
Harriet and Henry Conroe
Leslie and James Cousineau
Kitty and John Culbert
Edith DeMar
Liliana Dimitrova and George Dimitrov
Driehaus Capital Management LLC
Terri Mascherin and Thomas Abendroth
Sheryl Fyock and Don Wilson
Rebecca and Stephen Galler
Eileen Gelick
Marlene Glowen
Robert Goehring
Margot and Bruce Goldsmith
Jennifer and Dan Gonsiorowski
Kelly Baldrate and Michael Grynberg
Mary Ellen and James
Denise and Adam Hoeflich
Becky and Brady Huston
Amy and Mike Hynes
Junita and Ravi Jain
Susan and James Kapche
Patrick Keenan-Devlin
Helen and Peter Kelly
Kristine and John Kelsh
Dale and Daniel Kirchberg
Betsy Lehman Levisay
Marilyn and Larry Lindemann
Jennifer Lutgert
Paula Worthington and Bruce Meyer
Rich Miller and Nina Uziel-Miller
Marianne and Thomas Moberly
Kendra Morrill and Bret Johnson
Kim and Mark Newman
Katie Culhane and Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Esther Spodek and Brian Ostrow
Elizabeth Peters
Maggie Vandermeer and Mark Rader
Patricia and Robert Reece
Nancy and Jeffrey Ross
Alan and Patty Rubin
Lisa Sawczuk
Linda Schneider and James Cahan
Candice Green and David Schoenfeld
Andrea Mainelli and Alex Schultheis
Nancy Segall
Emily Stamos
Dr. O.P. and Mrs. Nancy Steinwald
Joan Habinek and Dave Studenmund
Cate Fox and Jon Sutton
Kristin Menger and Steve Taylor
Tess and James Torvik
Jessica and Daniel Urban
Nora Kahn and Dave Walters
Karen and Kevin Weckman
Rabbi Weiss
Susan Alterman and Eric Wilson
Jennifer and Ethan York
Shaina and Eric Young
LaVern Zehr

2016-17 Donors up to $99

Aim and Ailie Hair Boutique
Katie and Wynn Bailey
Mary Paula Baumann
Becky and Me Toys
Jennifer and Steve Bishop
Linda Bonges
Denise Sikorski and Joel Brammeier
Mary Brickman
Amanda Fingarson and Derek Crimando
Joann Dardick
Vivian and Daniel Edelson
Celeste OConnor and Bryan Eugenio
Ronald and Susan Fiesta
Susan and Martin Fine
Kathy and Mark Fisher
Fisheye Graphic Services
Food 4 Less
Jackie and Sidney Freedman
Denitta and Hans Germann
Gigio’s Pizzeria
Toni Goehring and Eric Roth
Priscilla and John Gompers
Leslie and Kent Grayson
Maurya Delaney and Will Gunlicks
Susan and Stuart Handler
Stacie Erck and Stephanie Hentz
Julie Johnson and Bob Hercules
Roberta and Keith Holzmueller
Gail Horvath
Kristin and Julian Jackson
Mary Ellen Jackson
Vicki and Steven Jacobsen
Avery Kenly
Kate and Larry Knox
Marla Levitan
Helaine Lieberthal
Little Beans Cafe
Pam and Bryan Lookatch
Margaret and Paul Lurie
Nancy Maldonado
Amy and Lee Nagan
Chris and Jonathan Nieuwsma
Vicki Nissim
Catherine Potts
Aileen Cruz and Timothy Reardon
Julie and Felípe Rivera
Melissa and Jeff Sanko
Lizabeth and David Schaps
Julie Schiller and Charles Risch
Kristi and Tony Schlax
Cornelius Scott
Nancy and Ralph Segall
Lois Farley Shuford
Deborah and Marco Siegel-Acevedo
Susan Smyth and Ernest Lewis
Shelley and Ric Sutherland
Rona and Korol Taylor
The Animal Store
Marion Viner
Chantel Washington
Rachel and Bob Woodrick
Joann Zobel

2017 Cherry’s Jubilee Paddle Call Donors

In Support of our Inclusion Program for children with special needs and the Laurie Levy Scholarship Fund
Ursula Arsenault & Bob Adams, Joyce Chang Anderson & Chris Anderson, Kelly Baldrate, Richard & Kathleen Barton, Alex Barton, Liz Barton & Justin Rode, Arica & Matthew Barton, Allie & Britt Baugher, Theresa White & Matt Bedella, Jim Bernstein, Annie Sutula & Kyle Blomquist, Deborah & Carlos Boileve, Danielle Cohen & Daniel Broaddus, Robin & Aaron Brown, Katherine & Gregory Byrnes, Pat Maunsell & David Campbell, Keisha & Oliver Champagne, Martha Christensen & Neal Smyth, Alissa & Jin-Ho Chung, Emily & Robert Clarke, Kristin & Marty Cless, Rhonda & Dick Cohen, Amy & Shane Colton, Kitty & John Culbert, Peg & Mike Culhane, Elaine & Mike Darer, Larry DeMar, Anne & Larry Donoghue, Bea & Paul Douma, Marissa & Timothy Elliott, Elizabeth Feiertag & Seth Kaplan, Lynn & Brent Fiedler, Jean & Andy Fies, Evan & Carl Finamore, Karen & Jay Goodgold, Sara & Chris Greene, Carol Greene, Joan Habinek & Dave Studenmund, Nicole & Andy Haleen, Eileen & Bill Halperin, Geoff & Ginny Harlow, Margaret Hessler & Kevin Rielley, Emilie & Bill Hogan, Amy & Mike Hynes, Jessica & Peter Isaac, Vickie & Steven Jacobsen, Sunita & Ravi Jain, Lise & Tomohisa Jinno, Nora Kahn & Dave Walters, Suzanne & Dan Kanter, Cheryl Bondy Kaplan & Mark Kaplan, Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Jill & Andrew Kidd, Laurie & Fred Levy, Marilyn & Larry Lindeman, Elisabeth & Rebecca Lindsay-Ryan, Sandy & Steve Locher, Carol & Randy Long, Alix & Tarsis Lopez, Heidi & Ned Lott, Kathy Lyons & Bill Chafetz, Rachael & Edward Matthews, Mellisa & Brian Molitor, Kendra Morrill & Bret Johnson, Kim & Mark Newman, Tara & Brian Norris, Celeste OConnor & Bryan Eugenio, Susan & Steve Olson, Katie Culhane & Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Beth & Joseph Paradi, Jen Peltz & Chris Schaaf, Beth & Ted Perez, Elizabeth Peters, Jolie Petrine & Todd Noffke, Melinda & Adam Prawer-Stock, Gina & Mike Prokopeak, Julie & John Rapisarda, Amy & Prasad Ravi, Kerry & Bill Reeg, Holly & Martin Rene, Sheau-ming & Ian Ross, Jane & Tony Rothschild, Ellie Sato & David Bowen, Lisa Sawczuk, Katie & Mark Smith, Ellen & Allen Sternweiler, Shelley & Ric Sutherland, Devon & Phil Thrush, Amanda & Koji Torihara, Tess & Jim Torvik, Jessica & Andy Trenkle, Bill Banzhaf & Cathy Tschannen, Rich Miller & Nina Uziel-Miller, Casey & George Varela, Shirlene Ward & Kevin Kipp, Nora Wasserman & Chris Ody, Barbara Goodman & Seth Weinberger, Caryn Weiner & Howard Ellman, Susan Wishnick & David Steinberg, Mike Wolf, Jennifer & Rich Wood, Rachel & Mike Yantis, Jenny & Ethan York, Shaina & Eric Young, Jen & Steve Zehr.

2017 Cherry’s Jubilee Sponsors

Silver Tree: First Bank & Trust
Bronze Roots: Cheryl Rohlfs & Associates. LTD; Weinberg, Barton & Company, Inc., The Crystal Ballroom
Tree Branches: Cooked Chicago; Foster Dance Studios; Fostering Movement; LEEP Forward, Inc.; Letterpress by Lydia; Mason Intervention; Minuteman Press, Nature’s Perspective Landscaping, Inc.; Wee Speech, P.C.
Cherry Friends: Aim & Ailie Hair Boutique; The Animal Store; Fisheye Graphic Services Inc.; Gigio’s Pizzeria; Larry and Kate Knox/ Redline and Associates, Inc., Little Beans, Gina & Mike Prokopeak

2017 Cherry’s Jubilee Business Auction Donors & Supporters

Anonymous; The Actors Gymnasium; Aim & Ailie Hair Boutique; The Animal Store; Andy’s Frozen Custard; Anton’s Greenhouse; Art + Science Salon; Bistro Bordeaux; Boltwood Restaurant; Bon Events; Bottle & Bottega; Bottleneck Management; British Swim School; Bucephalus Bikes; Canal Shores; Chicago Architecture Foundation; Chicago Bears; Chicago Children’s Theater; Chicago Cubs Community Affairs; Chicago White Sox; Creative Kids Corner; Creperie Saint Germain; Cross-Rhodes; Dance Center Evanston; Dave’s Down To Earth Rock Shop; David Sutton Studios; Edzo’s Burger Shop; Egea – The North Shore’s Wellness Spa; Evanston Frame Warehouse; Farmhouse Evanston; Few Spirits; LLC; Firehouse Grill; Five & Dime; Lulu’s; Taco Diablo; Foster Dance Studios; Fostering Movement; Gigio’s Pizzeria; Goods Of Evanston; Grateful Yoga; Half Acre Beer Co.; Happy Husky Bakery; Heaven Meets Earth Family Yoga Studio; Illinois Railway Museum; Jaqi Green Interiors; Kiddie Kingdom; KOVAL Distillery; Language Stars; Little Beans Cafe; Lulu’s Taco Diablo; and Five and Dime; Mitchell Museum Of American Indian; Murphy’s Fit; Mustard’s Last Stand; My Eye Dr.; Nature’s Perspective Landscaping; Inc.; The Noodle Cafe and Depot Nuevo; Norshore Meats; Northlight Theatre; Northwestern University Athletics; Oceanique; Old Town Oil; Open Studio Project; Orange Theory; Pickles Playroom; Pilates Connection; Pinstripes; Piven Theatre Workshop; Potbelly Sandwich Works; Prairie Joe’s; Pump It Up – Glenview; Shedd Aquarium; Sky Nails; Stuart-Rodgers Photography; That Little Mexican Cafe; Trattoria Demi; Trattoria DOC; Walter E Smithe Furniture; West End Florist And Garden Center; Williams Shoes-The Walking Spirit; Wilmette Theatre; The Wine Goddess; YWCA Evanston/Northshore.

2017 Cherry’s Jubilee Individual Auction Donors & Supporters

Anonymous; Sandra Anderson, Katie Bailey, Patty Barbato, Matt Barton, Debbie Boileve, Holly Brady, Robin Brown, Nigora Caffray, Kristin Cless, Harriet Conroe, Leslie Cousineau, Edith DeMar, Julie Doyle, Stacie Erck, Antoinette Farley, Rebecca Galler, Cara Gaziano, Eileen Gelick, Toni Goehring, Margot Goldsmith, Jennifer Gonsiorowski, Elena Gonzales, Karen Goodgold, Barbara Goodman, Leslie Grayson, Mary Jo Green, Cate Grund, Will Gunlicks, Andy Haleen, Nicole Haleen, Nancy Harris, Mary Ellen Hart, Ann Herder, Birdy Holzmueller, Valarie Kahan, Nora Kahn, Cheryl Bondy Kaplan, Helen & Peter Kelly, Jill Kidd, Kevin Kipp, Linda Kusel, Laurie Levy, Amy Lichterman, Carol Long, Kathy Lyons, Elizabeth Mages, Brian & Robin Petrone, Marcia Powers, Gina Prokopeak, Jane Rothschild, Alan Rubin, Melissa Sanko, Danielle Scharf, Nancy Segall, Maggie Vandermeer, Marion Viner, Nancy Wagner, Seth Weinberger, Rachel Weiss, Jennifer Wheeler Wood, Rachel Yantis, Stephen Zehr.