Tuition & Fees

Tuition Charges 2018-19

All figures are based on school year enrollment, September – June. All tuition is paid in advance of attendance. Families may choose to make one full payment, 3 trimester payments or 9 monthly payments. Click here to see our three tuition payment plan options for each class.

  • 5 Day Classes: $6,189
  • 4 Day Classes: $5,239
  • 3 Day Classes: $4,050
  • 2 Day Young Threes: $2,983
  • 2 Day Transition: $2,666
  • 1 Day Parent/Child: $723
  • 1 Day Clase de Padres e Hijos: $50

Extended Day Lunch Program

(Enrollment by trimester – paid in advance)

  • Morning program (11:30-1:30): $20/session
  • Afternoon program (11:30-12:30): $10/session

AM Before School Care

(For students attending 3 days or more)
(Enrollment by trimester – paid in advance)

  • Monday through Friday (8:30-9:00/9:10): $6/session

PM After School Care

(For students attending 3 days or more)
(Enrollment by trimester – paid in advance)

  • Monday through Thursday (3:00-4:30): $19/session

Tuition Payment Plans & Due Dates

By May 1, 2018, families must select one of the following payment plans and make their first payment of tuition. Statements will be sent in advance of this date.

Payment in Full

We would be most grateful to anyone who is able to pay the full year’s tuition by May 1.

Trimester Plan

Tuition will be divided into three equal payments, due May 1, 2018, October 1, 2018, and February 1, 2019. Statements will be issued in advance of each payment.

Monthly Plan

Tuition may be paid in monthly installments, beginning May 1, 2018 (or upon enrollment) and continuing monthly, skipping August. Families choosing this plan are expected to pay promptly by the first of each month.

All payment plans other than those stated above, including financial assistance arrangements, require approval by the director prior to May 1. Families enrolling after May 1 will have individualized payment plans.

Payments may be made by check, credit card (2% service fee applies) or auto-debit (electronic check).

Payment For Extended Day Lunch Program

Children are enrolled in the lunch program on a trimester basis. Applications for the lunch program are distributed in April as part of the initial enrollment packet. The first lunch payment will be billed in May and due on the first day of camp (June 18 for 2018). Second Trimester lunch payments are due November 1 and Third Trimester payments are due February 1. Due to the complicated nature of enrollment in Extended Day, no other payment plans are offered.

Families who join the lunch program after the initial enrollment or add days of lunch during the school year will receive a pro-rated invoice. Failure to make timely lunch payments may result in the child may be dropped from the lunch program.

Policy On Prompt Payment

Families are expected to make their payments (monthly or trimester) by the first day of the month. A payment not received by the fifth of the month is deemed to be late (assuming no alternate arrangement has been made with the Financial Manager). The following steps may be taken for delinquent accounts:

  • A $10 late fee will be assessed.
  • Children may be excluded from school if their accounts are more than one month delinquent and their families have failed to contact the Financial Manager to establish a payment plan. When the family’s account is up to date or a payment plan is agreed upon and a partial payment is made, the child may return to school.

Policy On Withdrawing From Preschool

Time of Withdrawal
Between registration and May 1
May 1 – June 1
June 2 – July 1
July 2 – October 1
October 2 – November 1
November 2 – December 1
December 2 – January 1
January 2 – February 1
February 2 – end of school year
Forfeit registration fee
Forfeit registration fee + 1 month tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 2 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 3 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 4 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 5 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 6 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + 7 months tuition
Forfeit registration fee + all tuition paid